The same great service with a new location and more products!

Safeway Sling USA was founded over 40 years ago, headquartered in Greendale, Wisconsin. Safeway Sling USA is a manufacturer of 100% USA-made nylon and polyester lifting slings. Additionally, we are manufacturers of wire rope slings, chain slings, and tie-down assemblies that meet all WSTDA standards. We have a proven record of excellence in designing and fabricating 100% USA-made lifting slings. In fact, we have gained recognition as the “Gold Standard” for overhead lifting slings.

So you want to know what's changing?

Other than our new name and logo, we will still be the same fantastic company we have always been for our wonderful customers.

When did Safeway Sling USA become Tuffy Products?

We were merged in 2022 to expand our sling products and services across the US.

Why are we merging brands now?

As a group, Safeway Sling and Tuffy Products are growing rapidly, so in order to be a unified team, we are now all under one banner, Tuffy Products, to create value, company unity, and combine our strengths and capabilities across the country to better serve you, our customer. 

Who is Tuffy Products?

Tuffy Products is one of the leading brands of synthetic slings, tie-downs, and straps for a reason: better quality materials, better consistency in manufacturing, and better quality controls. Tuffy Products are proudly made in the United States and available only from the leading distributors of quality lifting and rigging equipment in America.

How will you, the customer, be affected by this change?

Nothing will change in regard to staff, location, or support. We will still provide you with the same great services, just under the name Tuffy Products. This means you will have more products, services, and expertise available!

What happens to your products and services?

All the products and services we have been providing you will still be available, with the expansion of even more products and services from our Tuffy Products brand. 

Lastly, what do you need to do?

Nothing at all. Business will continue as usual.